Web Journalism | EUJ 205

Instructor: Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou

Course Description
The course explores the new forms of journalism in the digital era, making use of all available information and communication technologies. It further focuses on the political, social, economic and cultural shifts that impact on the role of journalism in contemporary society. At the same time, the course aims to introduce the students to the techniques of journalism in digital media and offer the necessary conceptual and practical tools to understand the rapid changes in the field.


Course Objectives

  • Understanding of the concept and the practices of web journalism.
  • Awareness of the practice of journalism and news forms in the digital world.
  • Understand the audience characteristics for online news.
  • Understand the new financial and business standards for online media.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze critically the changes that the internet has introduced to journalism
  2. Define the core concepts of web journalism
  3. Write web articles following professional standards for style, structure, linking and search optimization
  4. Build on information-gathering with advanced web tools


Class/Learning activities

Lectures, workshops, group work, in-class presentations, literature study, written assignments.



Type of work Description Hours
Lectures Thirteen 3-hours lectures 39
Group work Organization and coordination of group work 20-25
Independent study Study of compulsory and optional literature 40-45
Research Online research 35-40
Written assignments-Presentations Written assignments

  1. five short assignments (500-800 words)
  2. essay (1.500-2.000 words)
  3. in-class presetations
Total workload 254-289



Type of assessment Learning outcome Impact on final grade Date of assessment
Participation in group work and discussion 1-2 20% Regularly
Presentation of written assignment 1-2 20% 8th-12th week
Written assignments (short) 3-4 30% 5th-8th week
Written assignment (essay) 1-4 30% 12th week


Required Reading

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