Data and Participatory Journalism

Andreas Veglis Theodora Saridou

EUJ209 Data and Participatory Journalism


About This Course

Course Description

The course deals with the topics of data and participatory journalism. Today there is a significant availability of data in digital form, which makes necessary the introduction of this form of journalism. Thus, the journalist must be able to find, extract, adapt, visualize and interpret data. In order to succeed in such a task he must possess all the theoretical knowledge concerning data manipulation as well as the necessary ICT skills in order to create data visualizations (static or interactive) that will be embedded in his news articles. As journalism is often approached in theory and research through the lens of audience participation in news production, this course approaches the concept of participation in the media and examines the existing tools in the context of news organizations. Examples of participatory journalism in Greek and international media are analyzed, while the issues that arise and the management methods applied in practice are also studied. Finally, the course provides the opportunity of empirical use and familiarization with participatory applications.

Course Objectives

• Acquire the basic skills in finding and cleaning data sets.
• Comprehend the basic concepts of data visualization.
• Acquire the basic skills of using data visualization web tools.
• Comprehend the role of audience participation in journalism
• Identify media, journalists’ and users’ perceptions on participatory journalism
• Familiarize with participatory environments

Learning Outcomes

1.Define the core concepts of data journalism
2.Working efficient with data sets
3.Build on data visualization with advanced web tools
4.Define the core concepts of participatory journalism
5.Recognize participatory tools and applications
6.Manage user-generated content in a media environment

Course Format

This course will employ seminar lectures, laboratory presentations, discussions, laboratory exercises and a final data project.


Type of work Description Hours
Lectures Thirteen 3-hours lectures 39
Independent study Study of compulsory and optional literature 65-80
Written Assignment Essay (2000 words) 75-85
Data Journalism Project Data Journalism project Creation and publication of a data journalism article 75-85
Total workload 254-289


Type of assessment Learning outcome Impact on final grade Date of assessment
Participation in group work and discussion 1-6 40% Regularly
Project Data Journalism 1-3 30% 6th-7th week
Project Participative Journalism 4-6 30% 12th-13th week

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