Financial Policy


Tuition fees are set at € 3,000. These are paid directly to the AUTH Research Committee in three installments (€ 1,200/€ 1,200/€ 600) at the beginning of each semester. In the event students have exceptional circumstances, a different payment plan can be arranged, after special agreement with the program coordinator.

Upon completion of admission, students receive a unique reference code for making secure and easy payments online. No other ways of payment are available.



The financial aid scholarship is awarded on the basis of the students’ documented need for financial assistance and their academic achievement of their Bachelor Degree. It is awarded to international students, holders of a degree in Journalism/ Communications/Political/Economic/ International or European Studies, who have been unconditionally accepted to the program.

The merit scholarship is awarded to the student with the top overall grades, upon the completion of the 1st study term. The recipient of the award is announced at the beginning of the spring semester.

Both, scholarship take the form of a fee-waiver for the remainder of the students’ studies, i.e. are equivalent to the amount of € 2,000.


Each academic year, 30% of incoming postgraduate students receive full funding by SJMC in the effect of Article 35, O.G.G. 4485/2017. The award grounds on the National median disposable equivalent income, and therefore the beneficiaries are Greek students only.