Research Seminar: Reporting Europe

Christos Frangonikolopoulos

EUJ 210 Research Seminar: Reporting Europe


About This Course

Course Description

This course encourages students to work and research on severalimportant political, economic, societal and global dimensions/challenges of Europe, which occupy a central position in the agenda of European Journalism.
Students will work on investigative research projects/reports in small groups. In so doing, they will not only have to develop the plan, methodology and organization of the reports themselves, but will also present their research (during the term) and submit investigative reports (at the end of the term).

Course Objectives

The objective of this form of work and evaluation is twofold:

  • that students enrich their knowledge about the economic, social, political and global contexts of Europe/European Union, and in so doing improve their analytical skills and insight by researching and scrutinizing a problem/challenge of the EU
  • that students learn how to write investigative journalistic reports.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able:

  1. To critically read, research and analyze the challenges of Europe/EU
  2. To enrich their knowledge on key economic, social, political and global processes of Europe/EU,
  3. To understand and communicate complex European/EU challenges/problems
  4. To write projects/articles reflecting a critical ‘European perspective’

Class and learning activities

Workshops, group-work, class presentations, research and written assignments/projects. Guest speakers will also offer their perspective on the topics discussed in class.


Type of work Description Hours
Workshops/guest speakers Ten 30
Independent study Research 50
Exercises and Presentations To be discussed and decided with the tutor of the course 100
Written projects To be discussed and decided with the tutor of the course 120
Total workload 300


Type of assessment Learning outcome Impact on final grade Date of assessment
Written project 1-4 60% 13th-15th week
Presentations 1-4 20% 11th- 13th week
Exercises 1-4 20% Regularly

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