European Journalism

The pathway ‘European Journalism’ focuses on the role of news media and journalism in the emergence of a European public sphere. Combining a cross-national comparative approach to European journalistic and news cultures with a hands on coverage of current European issues, the pathway explores the complexities and challenges regarding the reporting on Europe and the European Union.

Learning Objectives
• Appreciation of the variety of European journalistic cultures and the heterogeneity of the European media landscape
• Understanding of the challenges faced by the emergence of a European journalism and a European public sphere
• Awareness of the rise of ‘Europe’ as a distinctive issue area
• Acquisition of key investigative, analytical and reporting skills regarding the covering of issues from a European, rather than national, point of view

Course Structure


  Semester   Courses ECTS

Core Course

EUJ 201 – Concepts and Aspects of European Journalism


     Α + Β



EUJ 202 – European Media Landscape and Policies

EUJ 203 – The convergence of the public and private sphere

EUJ 204 – European journalistic cultures 

EUJ 205 – Web Journalism

EUJ 206 – Web Journalism Ethics

EUJ 207 – Religion, Violence and Nationalism in the Balkans and the Near East: Perceptions and Realities (19th-21st cent.)

EUJ 209 – Data Journalism

EUJ 210 – Research Seminar:Reporting Europe

EUJ 211 – Media and Diversity in Europe

EUJ 214 – Polarization, Communication and Politics: Comparing Europe & the USA

EUJ – Civil Society and EU Public Diplomacy

MCC 400 – Communications Research Methods

MCC 402 – Qualitative Research Methods in Communication




 Please note that the list of electives may change slightly due to faculty sabbatical leaves or the arrival of new faculty members.