Tuition fees

Tuition Fees

For the academic year 2020/21 tuition fees are set at € 3.000. These are paid directly to the bank account of the Research Committee of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, (download) in three instalments (first two € 1.200 and third € 600), at the beginning of each semester. In the event that students and nationality groups have exceptional circumstances a different payment plan can be arranged, after special agreement with the Secretariat.

Scholarships and financial aid

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication awards up to a total of 3 scholarships annually to candidates who have already been given an unconditional offer and can provide evidence of genuine financial need.

In addition, every academic year 1 scholarship is awarded to the student that has the top overall grades, upon the completion of the 1st study semester. This scholarship takes the form of a fee-waiver for the remainder of his/her studies, i.e. are equivalent to the amount of € 2.000. In the event that the student awarded the scholarship has paid the tuition fees in advance, a refund of the aforementioned amount is received.

Applicants are strongly advised to seek information about the educational agreements that exist between their country of origin and Greece since these typically include the award of grants for study in Greek Universities.

Another option for financial support for your Master Studies in our School is the Erasmus+ Master Loans which is being established in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (Part of the EIB Group) offered to higher education students from any Erasmus+ program countries. The loan is up to €12.000 for a one-year Master’s course in a destination country different from your country of residence, and from where you obtained your Bachelor’s degree. For detailed information about the procedure please visit the official Erasmus+ Master Loans page.