Exception from tuition fees for greek graduates

The graduate students enrolled in the academic year 2023-2024 may claim exemption from tuition fees in accordance with to article 86 of Law 4957/2022 (Government Gazette 141/A/21-07-2022), Decision 108990/Z1 (Government Gazette 4899/B/16-09-2022) and no.104375/Z1 (Government Gazette 4659/t.B’/05.09.2022). Eligibible applicants for the exemption are graduates who meet the condition of excellence during the first cycle of studies (Bachelor’s Degree) which corresponds at least to a grade equal to or higher than seven and a half out of ten (7.5/10).

The exemption from the obligation to pay tuition fees is provided exclusively for studying at one (1) post-graduate program organized by a higher educational institution of the country. Those receiving a scholarship from another source are not eligible for exemption. Third-country nationals do not have the right to apply for the exemption.

The total number of students exempt from tuition fees may not exceed the number corresponding to thirty percent (30%) of the total number of registered students per academic year. If the number of beneficiaries exceeds thirty percent (30%), beneficiaries are selected in descending order until the number is filled.