Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock

Kaitatzi-Whitlock Professor of Politics and Political Communication She has published extensively on European audiovisual policy-making, political communication, reporting crises, global and EU cultural policies and on the political economy of the media, nationally, regionally and globally.  She is a member of the academic associations IAMCR and has been elected twice member of its International Council. She founded the Political Communication Section of ECREA in 2006, and served as its president until 2010. She has participated in several pan-European and global collaborative research projects. She has guest-lectured at the Universities of Stockholm, Loughborough, Padova, Copenhagen, Moscow, Tbilisi State University, Université Stendhal de Grenoble, London School of Economics, University of Vienna. Her research interests comprise [a] the nexus of democracy and public / political communication, [b] the political economy of public communication [c] the potential of interactive new media for cultural diversity and for social and political re-organization and [d] the public policies addressing issues of novel communications and new media phenomena, such as the ‘Power of Search Engines’ and the ‘Phenomenon of Web 2.0’.