Updated! 2023 Fall Semester Program of Courses

Pathway 1 Digital Media Culture and Communication
DIM101 New Media: Theories and Perspectives – Tuesday, 19:30-22:00_Room D1
DIM102 Digital Tools in New Media – Monday, 19:30-22:00_Media Lab, Law School, 1st floor
DIM110 Strategic Digital Marketing – Tuesday, 17:00-19:30_Room A1
EUJ211 Media and Diversity in Europe – Monday, 17:00-19:30_Room D1 (online first two weeks)

Pathway 3 Risk Communication and Crisis Journalism
RIC301 Risk Communication – Wednesday, 19:30-22:00_Room D1
RIC302 Peace Journalism – Wednesday, 17:00-19:30_ Seminar Office, 7th floor (online first two weeks)
RIC307 Reporting War & Crises – Thursday, 17:00-19:30_Room C1
EUJ218 Propaganda, Language, and the Media: the EU Εxperience – Thursday, 17:00-19:30_Room D1

All pathways related courses (10 ECTS)
MCC400 Communication Research Methods – Thursday, 19:30- 22:00_Room 4 Law School

Additional/ improvement courses (no ECTS)
IP2300 Writing for the Print Media – Friday, 17:00-19:30_Room D1