MA Program Structure

The structure of the MA program has been designed with a view to combine in-depth specialization with students’ freedom to select a set of courses that best matches their research and professional interests.


For the successful completion of each pathway students must :

  • Take the core course of the preferred pathway
  • Select at least 3 electives offered in the preferred pathway
  • Select no more than 2 electives offered by the other two pathways
  • Complete a dissertation on a topic related to the subject areas covered by the preferred pathway


Semester Description ECTS
1st 1 core course from the selected pathway  (10 ECTS)1 or 2 elective courses from the selected pathway (10 ECTS each)

1 elective course (10 ECTS)

2nd 1 or 2 elective courses from the selected pathway  (10 ECTS each) 1 or 2 elective courses (10 ECTS each)  30
Credits (1st & 2nd semester)  60
3rd Dissertation  30
Total credits  90


A methodology course (MCC 400 – Communications Research Methods) is included in the list of electives of all three pathways, and is strongly recommended for all those who wish to pursue a career in research institutions/market research/universities.