Alexa Mills on Civic Journalism

On Friday, March 15, took place the last of the three workshops that Alexa Mills organized for the benefit of our postgraduate journalism students. A freelance journalist and Director of Media Projects at the MIT Community Innovators Lab (https://civic.mit.edu/users/alexa-mills)

in the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Alexa Mills focused her workshops on what she does best: the role of storytelling and journalism in reinforcing civic engagement, developing community knowledge and practice, and informing policy. Alexa Mills’s emphasis on civic journalism – i.e the integration of journalism into the democratic process, the empowerment of excluded communities and the driving of social change – was enthusiastically embraced by the students who had the opportunity to learn and practice new skills and roles in dealing with the hardships of the crisis-stricken neighborhoods of Thessaloniki. We are grateful to the Fullbright Special Scholars Program for making Alexa Mills’s visit to our School possible.
By the way, the tall chap at the far left of the workshop group photo is not just …a tall chap! He is Justin Peters, a correspondent for Slate and a contributing editor at the Columbia Journalism Review. He joined Alexa in the last of the workshop, contributing his own unique prowess and perspective to an unforgettable workshop experience!
Thank you Alexa and Justin! Hope we see you again soon!