Scholarships for Winter Semester 2015-2016

Τhe Program Governing Committee, in its 23.2.2016 meeting, has ratified the course grades of the Fall semester 2015-2016, which are to be posted on the Secretariat’s notice board. Taking into account the Fall semester’s grade averages, as well as the criteria of eligibility (i.e. the exclusion of students who are already recipients of other types of scholarship or benefits) the Committee announces that the recipients of the merit scholarships for the current academic year are awarded to the following three students:

  1. Digital Media, Communication and Journalism: Kirki- Charikleia Liatopoulou (50031)
  2. European Journalism: Konstantina Simou (50033)
  3. Risk Communication & Crisis Journalism: Despoina Vadouridou (50024)

The Committee wishes to convey its congratulations to the above three students for their achievement, express its satisfaction with the impressive overall performance demonstrated by the students of the MA program and extend to all of them its best wishes for an even more fruitful and successful Spring semester.

On behalf of the Program Governing Committee

Gregory Paschalidis
MA program Director