Announcement for the Financial Aid Scholarship Awards 2017-2018

Τhe Program Governing Committee, has evaluated the application files for the Financial Aid Scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Committee wishes to convey its congratulations to the successful students for their achievement and express its appreciation for the overall participation to all applicants.

Taking into account the criteria of eligibility and academic merit, the Committee announces that the recipients of the scholarships for the current academic year are awarded to the following students:

Pathway: European Journalism : Pantelakis Alexandros

Pathway : Risk Communication & Crisis Journalism: Kechagia Dimitra

Pathway: Digital Media, Culture and Communication: Panfilova Anna & Poryali Esra

Runners up for the Digital Media, Culture and Communication pathway are:

  1. Tasoulas Nikolaos
  2. Karim Fahmy

The aforementioned applicants are eligible to gain the scholarship and will be notified electronically, in the event that the selected do not complete their registration.

On behalf of the Program Governing Committee
Gregory Paschalidis
MA program Director